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Broadcasting Consultancy

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of Broadcast technology, Trikode Media is well placed to advise you on current and emerging technologies. We provide a comprehensive consultancy service, which provides information and project feasibility for your business, before any capital is spent. This will save you time and money, by ensuring that right equipment and solution for your requirement(s) is selected early in the project timeline.

  • Broadcast Engineering 
  • Building Liason 
  • Studio Design
  • Dubbing Suites
  • Edit suites  
  • Video Systems 
  • Projects  
  • Audio Systems 
  • IT & Data Networks 
  • Communications 
  • Acoustics  
  • DVD  
  • Authoring 

Whether you are investigating the feasibility of building a studio, or planning the installation of an encoding farm, being aware of all the options available to you is invaluable.

Video Systems

We design and install Digital and Analogue video systems ranging from complete Television Studios, to Encoding Farms. We can integrate into your existing installation anything from an HD matrix, to a Media Duplication facility.

  • HD/SD Systems  
  • Edit Suites   
  • Playout Servers    
  • Portable Production Units
  • Monitoring    
  • Test Signals   
  • Encoding Farms   
  • Transfer & Duplication
  • Quality Assessment  
  • Cameras         
  • Monitor Line-up 
  • Studio Galleries
  • Storage Solutions  
  • Matrices    
  • System Design   
  • Outside Broadcast Units

We offer independent advice on the best solution to your requirement.
Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Audio Systems

We have designed and installed many Digital and Analogue audio systems ranging from complete Radio Stations, to high end Surround Sound Dubbing Suites. As well as large turnkey solutions, we can integrate into your existing installation anything from an audio matrix, to a playout server.

  • Jackfields
  • Voice Over Booths
  • Playout Servers 
  • Processing
  • Monitoring
  • Dubbing Suites
  • Storage Solutions
  • Radio Mics
  • Audio Matrices
  • Digital/Analogue
  • Studio Galleries
  • Recording Studios

We offer independent advice on the best solution to your requirement.
Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

IT & Data Systems

The gap between Broadcast and IT has closed to next to nothing. Most broadcast equipment, from edit suites to playout servers now have IP addresses and are networked together to improve efficiency in the broadcast chain and streamline workflows.

We have a solid background in Broadcast Engineering which is complimented with a thorough knowledge of IT and experience of Broadcast based IT systems. We can also design and install more traditional IT systems.

  • Networked Editing Solutions
  • Archiving Solutions 
  • Client Workstations 
  • Phone Systems 
  • PC and Mac Installations
  • Wireless Installations
  • FTP client sites 
  • Mail Servers
  • Shared Storage Solutions
  • Network Speed Testing
  • Fibre Optic Links 
  • Internet Security
  • We offer independent advice on the best solution to your requirement.
    Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

    Communication Systems

    The need to effectively communicate is essential. We install and advise on Talkback systems and other communication systems for all technical applications.
    We also provide consultancy and services to distribute media to multiple platforms.

    • Studio Talkback
    • Lines in/out of buildings
    • Internet communications
    • Cue lighting
    • Wireless communications
    • Satellite Links
    • Text Messaging Services 
    • Multi Platform services
    • Webcasting Services

    If you do not see listed the service you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Engineers & Wiremen

    Our comprehensive database of technical personnel is growing by the day. We use industry professionals for all our installations and consultancy work. We can supply experienced engineers and wiremen, on a contract or ad-hoc basis, provide resource for technical training and support, for all major Broadcast and IT systems, as well as experienced consultants and broadcast specialists. If you require any technical human resource, or if you are interested in being added to our database of industry professionals, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Support & Training

    We provide Support for ALL technical areas in broadcast and non-broadcast environments;

    • Studios
    • Control Rooms
    • Machine Rooms
    • Outside Broadcasts
    • Transmission
    • Storage Solutions
    • Encoding
    • Graphics Areas 
    • Archiving
    •  Cameras
    • Post Production
    • Studio Galleries
    • MCR
    • Matrices
    • Digital Agencies
    • IT & Data Networks
    • A support contract with TrikodeMedia, is an efficient method for ensuring your technical area is up to date with fast moving technology and working effectively. Bespoke contracts can be arranged to fit your needs, whether it be telephone support, or on-site 24/7.

      Training is invaluable in making the most of your resources, with equipment becoming more complex and increasing financial pressures, the need for well trained staff is more important then ever. Trikode Media provide training on all of the above. We can tailor training to your specific needs, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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