About us

Trikode Media is multidisciplinary Support and Consultancy Firm for TV Channel Broadcasters and Startup Broadcasters located in India, specifically providing Complete Turnkey Solutions for Media Broadcastinng. We comprehend all areas Micro & Macro Planning & Research, Manpower Planning & Recruitment, Corporate Look, Technical Support, Design & Development, Packaging & Channel Look.

Our Service Areas

1. Assistance in the license application process for setting up a TV Channel

We provide Consultancy, counseling and assistance in applying for the license for a TV channel. Our service includes assisting is arranging relevant documents, forwarding to MIB.

2. Overall Planning - Micro and Macro

In mutual consultation with the promoters, we shape the aim of the organization, including deadline oriented steps that have to be taken compositely by the organization.

Our planning includes Micro & Macro levels activities including one time Establishment Budget, Monthly Recurring Budget, Over Head Expenses, Revenue Share, Cost Cutting systems and Distribution budget.

3. Corporate Image

We have established a separate team to project an effective corporate image by designing logo and corporate slogan. We design the required departments, their functioning?s, working systems and co-relations. We support to create a healthy environment and Corporate Look.

4. Manpower Planning and Placement

Our Team will map the manpower requirement and creates an effective personnel structure as per industry norms. A team on the basis of the determined requirements will be made which can address and overcome everyday challenges - We support to create the job specifications for individual members of the team. We acquire the best personnel for our clients.

5. Technical Support Consultancy

We provide integrated technology solution to willing clients. These include mapping the specific requirements of the clients and accordingly design technology solution for the clients. We have got in-house expertise to judge and acquire the accurate News Gathering, Engineering,news room systems and on air. We do the integration of different technologies at a very cost-effective option.

6. Infrastructure ? Design & Development

We design the complete establishment as per the requirements of the functioning of the organization. The number of departments, their employees, and the requirement of proximity of one department with another are strategic in effective utilization of space. As space is dear, this is a critical activity. We have team that specializes in designing the office space including Studio Floor and Newsroom.

7. Branding and Promotions

Our in-house creative and marketing team synergies their expertise and inputs to carry out an extensive branding exercise. We determine the platform and the content of the campaigns.

8. Packaging, Look and Feel

How should a channel look? This is a critical question and determines the positioning of the channel in the market. Keeping in mind the target audience, the content and the existing image of the client group, we design a look that effectively communicates the philosophy of the channel. Depending on the requirement this activity may be done in-house or abroad.

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