How we work

Trikode Media has the full resources needed to pre-build and test complete large-scale installations prior to delivery.

Each project is supervised by a dedicated specialist who remains the client contact from project commencement to completion, and beyond. Turnkey contracts include: furniture, site-structure, air-conditioning, acoustics, lighting, energy conservation, technical documentation and operator training.

Trikode Media has an impressive record of integrating a wide range of technologies to provide solutions to budget and on time. Our team are particularly used to being involved in non-traditional installations that fuse broadcast video and IT.

Trikode Media’s video engineers and IT experts have worked closely together on projects, including digital video installations, file-based workflows, video streaming, transcoding, high speed NAS and Storage Area Network data storage, high speed, high capacity tape archive solutions.

As well as full turnkey project delivery contracts have also involved consulting, concept planning, and engineering, project and budget management.

how we work

The key to a successful installation is good project planning. We believe strongly that this applies regardless of the complexity of the project. Any work carried out by Trikode Media is planned to a high level of detail, including contingency plans, to ensure the project is delivered on time and budget. We provide a 'project plan', which details the time scales of key stages and deliveries of equipment, to allow effective monitoring of progress, and resource management.

We provide a Project Management service to compliment Project Planning. We manage technical resources and equipment manufacturers and suppliers effectively to ensure there are no bottlenecks during the installation. Many years of project work has provided us with the experience to prioritise and manage effectively, to deal with long lead times and unforeseen circumstances.

We pride ourselves in delivering what we promise, on time and on budget. We have never missed a 'GO LIVE' date. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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